4 Ways Technology Can Boost Recruiting

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Finding the right talent, especially drivers, is a challenge for all motor carriers. Competition is fierce, and with a driver shortage making finding good drivers even more difficult, motor carriers need to find creative ways to attract and retain drivers. One important aspect of the recruiting process is the image your company presents to prospective candidates. A motor carrier’s brand can differentiate itself from the competition and help itself land top talent. To do so, motor carriers should embrace technology. Drivers are using the internet, social media, and other means to do their homework on employers the same way motor carriers screen drivers. Below are four ways motor carriers can leverage technology to boost its recruiting efforts.


A website says a lot about a company. This is the first location job seekers go to find vacant positions and learn more about a motor carrier before applying. A website provides applicants with their first impression of your organization, so investing in a professionally designed website that captures your brand is essential. The website should be welcoming and demonstrate to applicants why they should want to be part of your company. Remember to keep the website’s content and job openings current.


Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent tools that can be leveraged to attract applicants. Maintaining the company’s social media platforms and website gives prospective candidates an opportunity to learn more about the company, read posts that could pique their interest, and interact with recruiters through chat features. Also, a motor carrier can use social media to keep in touch with existing employees, feature company and employee accomplishments, and boost morale.


These days, we can do almost anything on a mobile device; recruiting is no different. Many job seekers use their smartphones and tablets to search and apply for jobs. A well-designed mobile recruiting app can simplify this task and make it easier for applicants to start the application process. The key is to ensure the mobile app is simple, mobile responsive, and user-friendly, especially when filling out forms.


Zoom, WebEx, and other virtual meeting software solutions have made it easy to interview candidates without bringing them into the office for an in-person meeting. Conducting virtual interviews allows recruiters to meet with candidates before or after submitting their resumes, answer the candidate’s questions, and hook them on the company. Most of these technology solutions are free with limited features and worth taking advantage of to boost recruiting efforts


  • Implement a professionally designed company website.

  • Build a social media presence that promotes the company brand. 

  • Utilize virtual meetings to conduct interviews.

Note: These lists are not intended to be all-inclusive.

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